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Hmm, I suppose I should update about what is going on with me, although I imagine most of you already know. Lemme see. Back in July I went to Orientation at Humboldt and registered for all my classes. Since I did one of the later Orientations, a lot of the classes I wanted were full. So my first semester of classes pretty much consists of GE classes. Next semester will rock though. Heh, I'll probably max out on credits. Now it is about one to one and a half weeks until I move up there. Yeah, insane. I have been working on packing up all my stuff, but damn it is hard. I am trying to sort what I want to take with me to my apartment and what I want to put in storage. But I want to take everything! Well, not really, but it is hard figuring out what I need to take and what I want to take. I know that if I get a storage place in Arcata, I'll be able to get out what I want to put in my apartment and don't have, and I'll be able to put away what I don't need. If I get a storage place here, well, that would suck, I'd probably never see half the stuff I put away again. I also found out I will probably be living with lupinfancier, so that is cool. I'm going to have to bring furniture though, so I think my parents will need to get a wee little moving van. I suggested it to my mom, but I don't know if she realized how much I am going to have to take. A bed, dresser, bookshelf, desk, possibly ginormous sewing machine. Blargh. I also wish I could take my cat with me but, alas, I can not. Sorry about the ramble. :/

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What, no dorm living for you? What does your family have against dorms? :)

Dorms are gross and involve roommates. Besides, they are all full anyways.

I've been preparing my stuff to move to the dorms, and I've been absolutely hearless. It's really difficult, but I feel better now - all those clothes that I kept but never wore? Yeah. Never need to look at them again.

But I know what you mean. Some of the stuff I really want to keep, but I have to ask myself: Am I ever going to use this again?

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