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I know people are going to laugh at this post...
It seems to me that I can't be happy unless I have some sort of obsession. Not too long ago, it was Harry/Hermione and Portkey.org. But since H/Hr has been sunk, PK has died down a bit and there isn't really much to debate about. :/ I thought I was over having a big obsession. Nope. Now it seems to be (fluff)book on facebook (cute animals and a fun forum to talk on) and Dr Who (Rose/Ten ftw). Bleh.

PS I suck. :P

PPS Also, this post makes very little sense, so please disregard it.

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It seems to me that I can't be happy unless I have some sort of obsession.

Never, ever play an MMO.

That is probably a good idea. :P I've thought about it before, but I am too lazy to try any. :D

Heh. On the other hand, the normal, non-MMO Final Fantasy games (all of them but XI) are good, and take a limited (though large, in the more recent ones) amount of time to complete.

Well, you will just have to visit so I may theef your games. :D

At present, only three of them can be played on systems you own, so theefage wouldn't help much.

Well, you would have to bring them up here then. Especially your Wii... any further comment about you bringing up your Wii sounds dirty...

Meh. None of my Final Fantasy games run on the Wii. It's mostly PS2 and PSP.

But Wiis are fun. And I don't have one. :( Therefor I must steal yours. :D

Or just buy your own :p

I have to save up my money to go to the UK. Otherwise I would work over the summer and use my money to buy a Wii and some books I want.

So you're srsly gonna do that then?

What, go to the UK or get a job?

I really do want to go to the UK. It will actually be cheaper as far as tuition goes. Plus I need to get a job so I can get work experience for school.

Are you including the prohibitively expensive moving costs?

Nope. That is why I said tuition wise. But Davis can be pretty expensive too. And I only need two years of undergrad, so that save like, $8000 right there.

So what it boils down to then is just how much moving at least the essential shit would cost, eh?

Yup. Although, thanks to the power of the internet, I have learned that it is possible to have your family ship you stuff without being taxed up the butt. But I also need to figure out how soon I want to go and If I can take Stumps with me. And when I go up there, I will possibly know two people there (provided you move there too).

Yes, well, I wasn't talking about taxes, I was talking about the shipping itself.

And were I to actually luck out and get a job at Transitive, I'd be in Manchester.

Well still, the shipping would be cheaper without the taxes wouldn't it? And you would still be in the UK and I could pester you. Also, depending on the other person possibly moving to the UK, I may get to go see Top Gear and other British shows. :D :D

Ah yes. That would certainly be a plus to living in the UK.

Hahahah, how jealous do you suppose Weasel would be if I got to meet Alan Rickman?

Very, I might expect. On the other hand, that's about as likely as moving to Southern California and meeting some other random movie star.

Somehow I don't think she would think random other famous people are as awesome as Alan Rickman. Plus Souther California sucks. :D

No, I wasn't saying she would find it more awesome. It's just not overly likely.

And yes, yes it does. Although the San Diego area is alright, if a bit warm.

Eh, it might be a little more likely in the UK since my friend will be possibly working for the BBC. :D

Oh? Well, that changes things a bit.

Indeed. I said she should work for BBC Wales so I could meet people from Dr Who. :D Also, if I move to the UK, I might get to see the 2012 Olympics there. :D

Just don't go on TV. You might get drawn :)

Ieee! Damn, that means I probably shouldn't go see any of the events. Or at least the opening ceremony. :P

Damn. Too bad it's the Summer Olympics. Else I'd suggest you go watch Curling.

Curling ftw! Silly Canadians with their fake sports of awesomeness. :P Heather got to see Winter Olympics once. I think she said she got to see the bobsled.

Hmm. Perhaps instead see the Top Gear Winter Olympics? Complete with Golden Snow?

Hahaha that would be awesome. Top Gear Olympics are much more entertaining. We should definitely move to the UK. Hurry up and get your job so you can pay for me.

Hahaha. Dork. You know that would totally bug dad though. I'd be all like "Yeah, I was bored, so I drove to Monaco for the weekend."

Heh, that is how I am possibly convincing him to take me to the UK in May so I can check out the school there. He wants to see the Grand Pre there. :P

Hmm. So what you're saying is that I need to get myself a job interview set up so's I can go as well?

Also, I think you mean "Grand Prix" "Grand Pre" is the illustrator for the American Harry Potter books.

Lol, I knew I was spelling it wrong. I blame it on the fact that I am up so fucking late/early. Either that or I am not entirely over Harry Potter. :P

Dork. Also, last I looked, flights weren't that bad, but that's probably for the tiny-ass seats that wouldn't provide people like me with enough (or any) leg room.

We can always stick you in manifest cargo. You should have room there. Also, if we were to go, I would want to get the travel plugs for my computer.

Pff. All you need for a power supply like that is a new cord. Says right on the side that they can handle 240 @ 50Hz.

That is what I am talking about. Those things are pretty damn cool. I wish you could order just the UK one online rather than the whole set.

Last time I checked, which was about a week ago, you had to buy the whole set. :/ Would be handy to have all of them if you were living in Europe though. Traveling and all that.

Hmm. Then again, if you ignore the ground-prong, as the folding plug does, one can buy a standard figure 8 cord for it.

Perhaps. One can also faht too. :P

You like such cute pairings. Even if they're not always ones I'm into I can see the appeal.

Rose/10th doctor is especially cute.

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