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The Doctor's Wife
Happy elven
 I haven't been reviewing the latest episodes, mostly because I found them a bit bleh. This one however...

I absolutely loved this episode. Neil Gaiman needs to write waaaaaay more episodes. He actually makes Eleven likable. He has emotions and feelings and isn't a complete dick-bag. The whole episode felt very RTD era to me. Maybe because Moffat didn't have his grubby little hands all over it? 
Idris/Tardis was friggen awesome. I loved her to bits. She had the perfect blend of smart, sweet, and crazy that just made her so very TARDIS-y. The whole "I'm Sexy" line was brilliant. Pretty much everything she said was. I kinda wish that this was a Ten era episode though, then we could see how she and Rose got along. After all, Rose looked into the soul of the TARDIS. 
Rory and Amy were fantastic too. Amy was smart and not objectified and Rory actually got to do something for once. All in all, probably in my top ten Doctor Who episodes. 

Also, I made some icons for the episode. Please credit if you take. :)

Eleven is happy!Quote from Amy    Amy <3 Rory 


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