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A Journal of Impossible Things

Traveling Through Time and Space

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College and junk
I heart knitting
I suppose I should make an official college post, as I am already more than half way through this year.

My apartment is pretty cool. Four bedrooms, two baths, a pretty big kitchen, and living room, all for less than the dorms. Plus I can have both of my frogs, rather than one. The only drawback is that I have to walk about a half a mile to school and I can't have my cat. :( My roommates are pretty nice. Two of them are pretty social and kind of messy, which annoys me sometimes, but they are nice enough. My other roommate is quiet like me and also likes to hide away a bit in her room. We get along rather nicely and swap books and movies and such.

My first semester was pretty boring, as the only classes I could get into were either GE or prereqs that didn't even count towards my major. Also was my first experience having different classes on different days. That was certainly odd. I think my most interesting classes were either my anthropology class or my Baroque art class. Both were pretty fun for a person who likes to absorb random information, but writing papers for them sucked. My government class rocked though. We actually learned stuff and the teacher raised my grade quite a bit for writing a poem for the final in there. Math sucked ass though, but then again, I don't really like math. Taking a class you have already taken isn't much fun either. :/

This semester seems a bit better class wise. My chem class is pretty interesting, but there is the whole problem of me already knowing quite a bit of it, and then not paying attention. :/ Math is again boring as all fuck, but meh. My english teacher is totally retarded and tends to have no idea what she is talking about, and admits it. She also grades "holistically" which seems pretty silly to me. My speech class is pretty interesting. There is a nude model in there who my friends and I talk to, and sometimes we get to watch The Daily Show in there, so that is always a plus.

I've also been looking at vet schools. Originally, I was thinking I might want to go to UC Davis for vet school, but looking at it closer, I don't know if I want to go there. The area seems like I wouldn't like it too much, and although I do have connections there, since I am out of state, it is going to be buggering expensive. I did find a pretty kick ass school in London I can go to, and it seems to be cheaper than UC Davis. Plus, I can start going there before I get a degree, and it is in the UK (squee!). The biggest problem though is that I can't figure out how many years I want to stay at HSU and if I will be able to take my cat with me. If I can pull it off, I think I might like to leave after next year, but I really don't know. :/

In other news, I don't have to buy BBC America to watch the upcoming series four of Doctor Who, as the Sci-fi channel will be playing it in April. *squee!*

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I've seen it. You just have to be sneaky and find it online. Try googling tv-links.cc or something like that, you should be able to find it there. :P

Thanks for trying to help, but my nemisis AKA dialup internet, has taken possession of my computer.

It would probably take me a month to download the show. :(

Aw. Well, if you have the Sci-fi channel, series four starts in April. :D

Sci-fi and BBCA. I love my tellie.
For some reason BBCA seems to take longer to get new Doctor Who episodes than Sci-fi. We get Torchwood almost on time with the Brits on BBCA, though.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new season. Thanks for the heads up.

//spoilers for Last of The Time Lords//

PS. I'm really hoping The Master returns and is played by John Simm again. After the short clip in the LOTTL where a woman's hand picks up The Master's ring with all the Gallifreyan symbols on it I'm sure The Master will return in some way eventually. Russle T. Davis said that it won't be followed up on this season He changes his mind sometimes, though.

It would be rather awesome if the Master came back. I think Davis just did that so if writers want to bring him back, they can. Don't worry about spoiling anything for me, I've seen all the episodes. :P I can't wait until series four though, one of my favourite characters is coming back! :D :D :D

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